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Building bridges through game customization

September 22, 202314:15 - 15:00Studio


Change is inevitable. How is our reality going to be years from now – and how can we build bridges to our desired goals in the process of transformation?

We share our experience of steering digital transformation in a while pushing for organizational and cultural change: Having the need to align stakeholders, resolve opposing goals, bring together cross-functional and cultural teams and deal with constantly changing targets.

This session describes the use of card games in the design process to make explicit how different parts of a sociotechnical system interact, resulting in a tangible artifact that uncovers (un-)conscious patterns. Pace-layers and system archetypes concepts will be connected to examples from the organizations’ realities. What layers are present, how do they relate and transform? What archetypes can be identified and how do they enable or hinder goals?

The presenters are going to share versions of two games from their product-design reality:

Fluxx: players change the rules as they go, making it nearly impossible to build a long lasting strategy to win.
Cards Against Humanity: in which prompt and response cards are used to outrage, provoke, entertain – and uncover people’s thinking

These games allow us to build a shared understanding of complex issues and work towards solutions that are more inclusive and effective. They enable a safe space where participants can explore different scenarios and examine how different factors within a system or organization affect each other. By doing so, we can identify areas where there may be gaps and work to build bridges between them


Benjamin Lipinski

Wilian Molinari

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  • Fri 22 Sep
  • 14:15 - 15:00
  • Studio