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European Conference on Information Architecture and User Experience Design

September 21 - 23, 2023 | Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam | 3 days of workshops and talks

Theme: Building Bridges

We’re on the edge of so much social, ecological, and technical transformation on a global scale and we see this as a time to building bridges from challenge to opportunity. We hope coming together sparks ideas that help us frame a more inclusive, impact driven and sustainable pathways forward.

As we navigate these times, we look forward to sharing ideas and inspiration with you to help us chart a course forward and gain new tools and insights through the lens of ethical, responsible and inclusive design principles at our upcoming EuroIA 2023.

This is our focus. We hope you’ll join us.

What you can expect

Increase Engagement

Ever wanted to be part of the conversation that leads to change? This is your chance. This community is committed to the outcomes that improve the quality of life for all. Join us and increase your awareness, understanding and opportunity to be a part of the change you want to see in the world.

Meet New Friends

Who doesnt want new friends? Learning from your peers and tenored professionals in a space where information architecture intersects with innovation. Join us for an opportunity to share ideas and insights that shape a greater, more inclusive, more accessible and more meaningful future. We can do this - together.

Share Knowledge

Education applied is knowledge. Join us and share what you know. Learn from some of the best and brightest minds across industries that help shape a greater tomorrow. Our world is inundated with information. Help us translate that to actionable insights where we share ideas that lead to inspiration for change.

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What's In It For You..

Our Key Commitments

Industry Impact

Topics include the value, significance and dimensions of information architecture and how to increase, assess and measure them. How do you facilitate the discussion between stakeholders and people defining types of impact such as sustainability or economic impact?


Information architects increasingly collaborate and co-create with other fields such as interaction design, visual design, engineering, political science, social sciences and with a wide variety of societal stakeholders. How do we engage with other fields and support new interdisciplinary ways of working with a triple bottom line (profit, people and planet) as a founding principle and metric of success?

Context & Community

How is information architecture situated among different cultures, diversity, ethics, sense of place and sense of space, and the habits of different design communities? Under which conditions does information architecture flourish? Topics of interest include roles, expertise, inclusion, participation and power distribution, the role of communities and public and private organizations, innovation management for information architects.

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