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Inclusive Design and Accessibility: A Practical Approach

September 22, 202309:00 - 12:30Expo

Workshop description

Ask a designer if they want to deliberately exclude people with disabilities from the digital services they are designing and they’ll answer ‘certainly not!’ Still, oftentimes many users do get excluded, because of barriers designers were unaware of. As designers we have the power to make sure that no one gets excluded. So let’s go!

The goal of design for inclusion and accessibility is to intentionally design experiences that accomodate a diversity in human conditions, such as age, level of education and (dis)abilities. In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn about a variety of solutions, recent developments, and see how creativity can bridge the gap between inclusive thinking to inclusive doing. Working on a case, you will apply best practices and tools for creating digital solutions that are accessible for their target users.

You’ll leave the workshop with:
•        Appreciation of the basic concepts of inclusive design and accessibility
•        Understand the basic business case for inclusive design and accessibility
•        A better understanding of how users with disabilities experience digital services
•        Best practices and tips for inclusive and accessible design & development
•        Hands on experience with handy tools to test your designs for accessibility
•        Inspiration to go and apply inclusive and accessibility design in your next project.

This workshop is intended for Information/UX designers and front end engineers. Bringing your laptops makes the learning experience extra fun and effective.


Jeffrey de Jongh

Iris van der Looij

Event Info

  • Fri 22 Sep
  • 09:00 - 12:30
  • Expo