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Conscious Attention Economy

September 21, 202309:00 - 9:45IJzaal


A conscious attention economy is defined by respect and reciprocity, where all stakeholders benefit and business models are generative rather than extractive, meaning that, as business is accomplished more effectively, value continuously increases for all stakeholders – business, governments, society, nature and humans alike. Engaging individuals’ attention with respect, acknowledging their right to informed choice, while supporting health and well-being should be designed into algorithms, social engagement models, digital environments and business models to create a regenerative attention economy that is based on mutual benefit to all. 

The path to a Conscious Attention Economy and a regenerative future relies on stakeholders from different backgrounds and diverse points of view joining together to re-imagine what healthy digital systems look like. The Conscious Attention Economy Principles should be adopted and applied by all stakeholders who have an impact on how value is captured from human attention. The Conscious Attention Economy Principles serve as an invitation and an overarching collection of guideposts for next generation technologies, businesses, ideas, and systems. This framework was designed to be utilized for innovation in development so that we can all participate in a regenerative spiral of inter-connected mutual flourishing that serves the human and natural world.


Amani Anai

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  • Thu 21 Sep
  • 09:00 - 9:45
  • IJzaal