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Connecting the Past to our Future: Tales of Resilience and Transformation

September 23, 202314:15 - 15:00Studio


Get ready for a tale of resilience and transformation as we dive into two vastly different organisations – a rapidly growing tech start-up called Health Catalyst, which offers cutting-edge data and analytics technology to healthcare organisations, and the Library of Congress, the oldest federal cultural institution in the US, responsible for cataloguing and managing over 179 petabytes of cultural data.

As the world around us changes at breakneck speed, it’s more critical than ever for organisations to adapt, innovate, and continually improve. Both Health Catalyst and the Library of Congress face this challenge head-on, drawing on their resilience and flexibility to not only preserve the past but also meet the demands of the present and future.

As the foundation for the explosion in machine learning and artificial intelligence, the information structures and data managed by these organisations must be resilient, accessible, and inclusive. The information sciences are an integral part of our digital history, and the Library of Congress has been at the forefront of innovation since the groundbreaking Machine-Readable Cataloging Record was introduced in 1966. Health Catalyst is a leading innovator in using data and analytics for healthcare and break-throughs in service.

With billions of users interacting with digital products and services generating more data than we can comprehend, artificial intelligence is now tapping into this vast pool of information in ways that we’re only beginning to understand. In this presentation, Alejo Jumat and Natalie Buda Smith explore the importance of change, inclusivity, access, transparency, and resilience in engaging with enormous collections of data and understanding the future. Are you ready to discover what lies ahead?


Alejo Jumat

Natalie Buda Smith

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  • Sat 23 Sep
  • 14:15 - 15:00
  • Studio