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Beyond CX: Aligning stakeholders for a circular economy through design thinking

September 22, 202316:15 - 17:00IJzaal


Sustainability is not a technology problem, it is a people problem. And service design is uniquely equipped to address these problems. 

In this talk, we’ll address the role (service) design can play in changing our systems and processes from a linear to a circular model. We’ll stick close to reality, by presenting practical examples and case studies.

Our design skills can add value way beyond customer experience. Going deep inside the (technical) operations and processes of organisations (both governmental and corporate). Restructuring the way of working in a co-creative process towards a more sustainable approach. 

Case studies presented focus on the built environment, specifically road renovation. There is a lot of pressure on these activities to successfully incorporating sustainability in these large civil engineering projects. Unfortunately consensus is hard to reach with these groups of stakeholders. This is where design thinking flourishes. 

To shape a circular way of working we use a design process with several distinct changes in focus. We visualise the way of working in a ‘process journey’: an iteration on the customer journey, focussed on operational processes. We build on shared empathy among all stakeholders to create the connections and willingness to make changes to current collaborations. 

In this presentation, based on case studies and experience, we’ll uncover how to turn the fuzzy problem of circularity into manageable and concrete interventions. We’ll show how each stakeholder in a system is involved and can contribute to a collective circular way of working.


Joost van Leeuwen

Event Info

  • Fri 22 Sep
  • 16:15 - 17:00
  • IJzaal