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A Systems Thinking Approach to Inclusion

September 21, 202313:30 - 17:00Meetingroom

A Systems Thinking Approach to Inclusion

This workshop will present, discuss & facilitate a framework to design ethical and inclusive services at the start of the service lifecycle – Design Research & Problem Identification.

Participants will walk away with:

  • Understanding why ethics and inclusion can and must be addressed at the start of the service lifecycle design,
  • Understanding how to focus on inclusion and ethics to unleash positive impact,
  • Ability to apply the framework in their fields of work.
  • The capabilities of designing inclusive services depend on understanding Systems Thinking and Design Thinking. An easily customizable methodology will be provided, based on a “mix” of both:
  • Understanding the System around people and their inclusion issues.
  • Empathizing with the System of humans, using tools such as Iceberg maps and Network maps, to discover and visualise inclusion problems experienced by stakeholders.
  • Evaluating and choosing what we need to change in the System and what the service should address, to have an effective and positive impact on people.
  • Defining a service/services strategy and the related information flows and features/use cases, to address and support the needed changes.

This workshop will start by presenting the framework and will engage participants in applying it to a specific case – an inclusive service strategy for a large corporation, whose Human Resources’ Diversity and Inclusion Team has found that a subset of employees are not advancing in their career at the same rate of others nor are they given the same opportunities to grow

Participants will brainstorm on root causes and explore a System comprising stakeholders inside and outside the corporate environment. Specifically, they will explore city services, social services, and the different ways in which the firm can design services to influence both internal and external stakeholders (and build bridges among them).


Biliana Vassileva

Salvatore Larosa

Salvatore Larosa

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  • Thu 21 Sep
  • 13:30 - 17:00
  • Meetingroom