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The EuroIA community exists in a large part because people are happy to share their knowledge and experience. Presenting at the conference is one such opportunity. The conference welcomes people with all levels of experience in presenting, and actually encourages first-time speakers to also send in their proposals. To make it easier for presenters with less experience, we are providing shorter presentation slots, a perfect way to practice your skills.

Start your submission process right here, or continue to read about the various formats below.

Relevance to the theme

This year’s theme is Building Bridges. Your proposals will also be rated on how well they fit the theme. Make sure you provide your interpretation of the theme and the way how your proposal is relevant to the theme.


Deadline for submission

We have recently extended the deadline for submissions. In order to be able to publish at least part of the program of the conference BEFORE the tickets go on sale, we ask you to submit your proposals as soon as possible.

Deadline: Friday, March 31st 2023

at 11:59:59pm CET (GMT+1).

Normal presentation

The regular presentations take up one full slot during the conference. Some of these sessions will be with the full audioence, some will be during the parallel tracks with roughly half of the audience.

  • 100 - 300 participants
  • max 40 minutes
  • presenters will receive a full conference ticket

Short presentation

The shorter presentation can be selected for a smaller topic, and can help first-time presenters to practice their skills.

  • 75-150 participants
  • max 15-20 minutes
  • presenters will receive a 40% discount on a conference ticket

Half day workshop

A valued part of the EuroIA, these half-day workshops provide the host with a smaller audience and allows for an in-depth and hands-on cooperation with their audience. 

  • 50-75 participants
  • 3 1/2 hour workshop
  • Facilitators will receive a fee of €1.300,- and a full conference ticket

We invite you to submit your proposal for a presentation or a workshop. You will have to register with SoftConf before you can submit your proposal, and we do apologise for the design of the submission page & process.