Sharing Hope

Wednesday 23rd September, 4pm – 7:30pm CET

To understand design for hope, we must know its architecture.

To know the architecture, we must feel hope.

This experiential workshop uses the skills and knowledge developed in our hobbies and interests to explore hope thru learning and teaching together. By creating a shared space, we can explore ideas of autonoetic consciousness, willpower, joy, disappointment and aspiration.

By playing together, we can understand the difficulties of designing for hope and maintaining aspiration. Thru interactions and conversations in the workshop, participants will feel the constraints and constructs of hope and, thru lecture material, understand more of the neuroscience of personal consciousness and transformation.

This workshop is about sharing personal skills and using community to create the space to feel the loops of individual hope: before, during and after our interactions, both within us and between us. No specialist skills are required to attend and this workshop is open to anyone, whatever their job. When working with personal emotions and experiences, there are risks but we will use communal compassion and personal autonomy to help mitigate them.

Come along to learn and to teach simple things that may bring you joy or disappointment in this place and time, so you can understand how hope is fundamental to being human and our wellbeing, today and tomorrow.

Alastair Somerville

Workshop host and speaker

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