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Preliminary Program

Event Schedule

Conference Program - a work in progress

The co-chairs and the reviewing volunteers are feverishly reviewing all proposals in preparation to bring you a full and exciting conference program soon. We are planning to have the full program ready by the end of May. In the mean time, we do have some even more exciting news to share with you as we know you’re all eager to know the topics and speakers we’ve got in store for you. This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of our ‘early-bird’ tickets. We cant wait to see you all there!

We have two fantastic keynote speakers (see below), and we have selected almost all the workshops we will be offering during the conference. They can be found on the workshops page. So, browse around, be inspired and tell your friends and colleagues – early bird tickets are available now! Join us !

Keynote speakers

For over a decade, Amani has worked at the intersection of finance, design, technology, and culture. Her proficiency across several critical business disciplines has uniquely positioned her to advise entrepreneurs, startups, private companies, and public sectors organizations. Specific areas of expertise include capital raising and investment activities, agile product development, customer acquisition, user-experience, communication design, venture strategy and human capital.

Amani’s professional versatility has largely been cultivated from a diversity of leadership roles at large financial services companies, government agencies, and early/growth stage startups and social enterprises. Her global perspective has been shaped by international work spanning Dubai, Brazil, Ghana, Mozambique, South Africa, Argentina, Germany, Singapore, and Canada. She is best known for designing inclusive and viable businesses around value-creating ideas.

Amani will be sharing some collaborative insight about the Conscious Attention Economy. A conscious attention economy is defined by respect and reciprocity, where all stakeholders benefit and business models are generative rather than extractive, meaning that, as business is accomplished more effectively, value continuously increases for all stakeholders – business, governments, society, nature and humans alike. Engaging individuals’ attention with respect, acknowledging their right to informed choice, while supporting health and well-being should be designed into algorithms, social engagement models, digital environments and business models to create a regenerative attention economy that is based on mutual benefit to all.

Areas of Active Interest:

Equity x Innovation x Finance x Culture
– Democratizing Financial Literacy and Accessible Pathways to Financial Freedom
– Reimagining Capitalism – Innovative and Equitable Business Models / Economic Frameworks
– Open-source / Open-innovation for a Better Future
– Value-creating Applications of Web 3.0 / Blockchain for a better world
– Redefining Philanthropy as Regenerative Economics

Design x Data x Ethics x Visualization
– Systems + Design Thinking
– Data Sovereignty + The Ethics of Data (AI + Machine Learning)
– Design Systems and Languages
– Visualization-as-a-service
– Information Design + Quantitative Narratives

The Anthropocene is a valuable concept in that it acknowledges the scale and duration of the impact humans are having on the planet. Ecological crisis is not really the right phrase as we are not faced with a challenge but a new era.

Design is a part and product of our current worldview. A new era will require a new fundamental way of being and understanding – from design as much as from any other walk of life.

This is not going to happen overnight, but the conversations and emerging practices are emerging and taking place. Questions about design’s relevance, role and requirements are critical to have.

Ben Reason, pioneer of service design and founder of Livework, is one of many who is asking these questions and beginning to speculate about the directions of travels that look more fruitful. He has been examining the principles of human centred design and exploring how they could evolve in this new era.