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Myles Washington III


Hi, My name is Myles Washington III. And I’m honored to be acting co-Chair for Euro IA 2023 community. I’m originally from the United States (Texas), but have called Amsterdam home since 2020. I’ve been working in the creative space since 2000 after graduating from a liberal arts program in the midwestern part of the United States. 

After graduation I had the privilege to work in several creative agencies producing mixed media campaigns for the likes of Disney, Hard Rock, Animal Planet, Universal Studios and Miami Children’s Museum to name a few. 

After 12 years in the creative space a friend who works in software development realised the need for more human software is long overdue and was championing a new role within this mid-sized US based IT consulting company he was working with to help build world class design culture, talent and opportunity for impact and asked if I’d like to join them. 

After 10 years working with amazing people, leading multi-disciplinary teams and learning about the consulting business across 17 different industries I wanted to try my hand at the international market for a more balance in my personal life. 

After interviewing with a couple companies in January 2020 I found the right fit with an award wining Dutch design agency that was recently acquired by an IT consultancy. Both worlds were familiar to me and the opportunity to design for sustainable and inclusive impact was clear. Partnering with purpose to improve the quality of digital tools, human centered innovation, data informed insights and sustainable business value for both planet, people, policy and beyond..