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Caya Kempe


Caya is Lead Product Management and UX Research at Hike One, a strategy – design agency.

With over 8 years of experience in product design, Caya has worked for companies in different industries; ranging from healthcare, to mobility, to agriculture. By working for various clients, with their own level of UX maturity, she gained an interest for the business side of product, resulting in a focus on product management and specifically team dynamics.  

She’s fascinated by the impact teams and collaboration can have on product and business results. Taking a holistic view to product development and breaking down barriers between teams she shows people how they all aim to achieve the same company goals from their own perspective. 

There is no business without users. With a knack for asking questions and challenging decisions, Caya helps teams gain a more outcome based mindset through incorporating discovery habits that fit their company culture and processes.

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