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Tapping into your Superpowers: Communication for co-creation

September 21, 202313:30 - 17:00Workspace

Workshop description

Communication is a critical skill in our role as UX professionals. Regardless of whether your background is in Design, Research, Content Strategy, or some other UX –related discipline, in your job, most of your time is spent communicating; communicating to stakeholders, clients, colleagues and team members. Yet, communication for co-creation is not taught well, either in academia or in the work environment. This presentation aims to provide you with a different perspective when it comes to thinking about your organization, the dynamics within it, and how to build resiliency for yourself, and your teams, by tapping into your Superpowers and using Authentic Conversations as a tool for communication for co-creation.

Communication is how we build bridges with each other, by communicating our own feelings and needs, and creating space for others to communicate theirs. However, we often find ourselves in situations where the patterns of communication are not those of co-creation, and are instead those of judgement. By recognizing the difference in those patterns, you can start to be in relation to each other in a way that feeds your Superpowers instead of draining them!


Jennifer Fraser

Event Info

  • Thu 21 Sep
  • 13:30 - 17:00
  • Workspace