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How to Bridge the Gap Between the Executive Team and Design Leaders’ Role in Strategy Development

September 22, 202315:55 - 16:15Studio


A robust McKinsey & Company study from 2020 concluded that “Only 1 in 10 CEOs says their senior designer plays a meaningful role in strategy development.” Two years later, the same type of study revealed that “Top-performing companies put designers into cross-functional teams to improve not only the products but also the business.” During this 15-minute talk, I will share how I have bridged the gap between the C-suite and the product design team’s expertise in facilitating business strategies. First, I will share the activities that interested the Executive team in my approach. I will then introduce the Strategic Suite, a collection of strategic artefacts I designed to determine the organisation’s three, five and hundred years’ business strategies. My aim for this talk is to give you ideas on bridging the gap between your organisation’s Executive team and your team, so they can benefit from the outstanding results that design-integrated companies have, as demonstrated by the two McKinsey studies mentioned above.



Sandra Gonzalez

Event Info

  • Fri 22 Sep
  • 15:55 - 16:15
  • Studio