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Helping a finance giant across the digital transformation bridge as an app customer experience team.

September 21, 202311:45 - 12:30Studio


One of the challenges of digital transformation for a big financial services provider such as Nationale-Nederlanden is that multiple heavy departments need to cross the bridge to the digital world simultaneously. Historically, NN business units have often operated independently. However, the app experience team is working to link these islands by showing how products and features can be aligned and connected through a digital platform and contribute to this consolidation of the bridge’s pillars. The goal is to ensure customers do not think in different business units but experience Nationale-Nederlanden as one brand. 
By integrating analytics, user research, and user experience design into the co-creation process, different business units can work together to develop a product that meets the user’s needs while aligning with the overall business strategy. This approach creates a stable and safe environment for the crossing, enabling a corporation to transition to a more digitally focused business model and enjoyable user experiences. Also, what we have learned about approaching different problems as a service-providing platform that brings together numerous stakeholders. 


Olivier Deleye

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  • Thu 21 Sep
  • 11:45 - 12:30
  • Studio