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Bridging the gap between product and business

September 22, 202316:15 - 17:00Studio


Business success relies on future customer behaviour. Think about the feature Spotify offers to combine playlists between friends. They anticipate that people want to listen to music together. The solution they decided to build is the feature of a blended playlist. The result could be that people listen to music for a longer period of time. Another example is OneFit providing the option to invite friends to a workout. They anticipate that people are more likely to show up for a workout if they can go with a friend.

The solutions product teams come up with are meant to drive business goals. However, whilst everyone is trying to deliver the best result from there role, there’s often a gap between product and business.

In this talk we discuss:

  • The gap between product and business and where it comes from;
  • How to start speaking the same language whilst fulfilling your role;
  • How teams work together and what are common pitfalls, how to move away from silos;
  • How to incorporate small habits from continuous discovery by Teresa Torres, to build better products and enforce collaboration between different roles.


Caya Kempe

Event Info

  • Fri 22 Sep
  • 16:15 - 17:00
  • Studio