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Bridging international expectations around sizes: a surprisingly large problem

September 22, 202315:30 - 15:50IJzaal


Our secondhand fashion marketplace had a big problem to address: sizes. In addition to missing size schemes and missing values, incorrect international conversions confused buyers engaged in cross-border trading. Bridging this international size conversion gap was essential: improvements would allow sellers to upload in a size that is familiar and meaningful to them, while also enabling shoppers to feel confident that they’re getting an item that will fit.

This presentation discusses what we learned about taxonomy and data modeling while working on improving sizes, including understanding just how vast and varied fashion sizing is worldwide; how to feel out the sweet spot between a perfect solution and an actionable minimum viable product; and how what might seem like a data model problem ultimately has larger UX and content design implications.


Charlie Lapin

Eidvilė Bagdonaitė

Laura Horan

Event Info

  • Fri 22 Sep
  • 15:30 - 15:50
  • IJzaal