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Bridging Design and Ops: How to Maintain a DesignOps Roadmap

September 22, 202309:00 - 12:30Meetingroom

Workshop description

DesignOps helps design teams be more efficient, effective, and happy by creating the best possible circumstances for design. Whether there are one or more full-time DesignOps professionals available or just several people with the DesignOps mindset, coordination of DesignOps initiatives is necessary to have the biggest impact.

It helps to be working with a continuously updated roadmap for DesignOps, featuring prioritised initiatives and their rough planning and expected impact on the design team’s metrics. This workshop teaches you how to make sure the right DesignOps initiatives are executed with the right people, to have the biggest possible impact.


Peter Boersma

Peter Boersma

Event Info

  • Fri 22 Sep
  • 09:00 - 12:30
  • Meetingroom